Nenespiration is a new interactive digital art installation capturing people’s aspirations for the Nene Valley.

As part of the 900 Voices of the Nene, One to One Development Trust have created a new digital interactive experience for the project. Nenespiration adds another dimension to the 900 Voices of the Nene online archive and the original 900 Voices digital art installation.

Presented for use on a large-scale touch screen and using cutting-edge video game graphics, Nenespiration is an engaging interactive tool designed to encourage and provoke discussion around peoples top aspirations for the Nene Valley.

Interacting with the tool involves touching colourful animated dragonflies inspired by the Nene Valley logo to uncover aspirational statements about the Nene Valley. These statements have been collected by Nenescape through public consultation events and curated into four themes by artists from One to One.

Nenespiration pushes the technology of the 900 Voices digital installation further with simulated natural lighting and changeable weather conditions. It will be touring with Nenescape and their partners throughout forthcoming public events in 2020.