For the launch of the 900 Voices online archive in December commissioned by Nenescape, One to One Development Trust are creating a unique interactive digital art installation for projection as part of the celebrations for Peterborough 900.

Based on an imaginary cross-section of the River Nene (inspired mainly by the landscape around Thrapston where folklore has it that the pronunciation of Nene becomes ‘Nen’) the installation will use advanced 3D graphics to artistically interpret the Nene’s riverbank and surrounding countryside whilst incorporating a curated selection of ‘voices’ from the online archive.

The screenshots you can see here are from our work in progress. It’s already becoming quite a striking piece that will offer the chance for anyone who interacts with the installation to roam freely around the digital landscape – via digital projection and a game pad controller – uncovering fascinating (and often previously unheard) stories gathered from communities between Peterborough and Northampton throughout the duration of the 900 Voices project.

As anyone who attended our ‘Dreamcatcher‘ digital installation event (commissioned by Jumped Up Theatre as part of Platform8) at the Undercroft in Hampton last year will no doubt testify, we don’t hold back when it comes to ambitiously mixing art, community voices and cultural heritage with digital tech. 🙂

Using 3D models captured from real-life natural objects such as trees, rocks, grasses and plants – a technique known as ‘photogrammetry’ – we are hand-crafting a lush painterly environment with high levels of attention to detail, from tiny stones, twigs and dandelions to willow trees and local wildlife.

The ‘voices’ (audio recordings, films, photographs, poems) collected throughout the project will be represented as a series of digital origami ‘paper boats’ floating down the river. The resulting experience will be captivating, beautiful and surreal. It will also be available to download from the 900 Voices website after the launch event.

Watch this space for more news about how the installation is developing.

Please contribute your story about the River Nene here through our online form with a big chance that your submission will be incorporated into this exciting digital art installation. Come and visit us at Peterborough Heritage Festival on Saturday at the Nenescape stand.