To mark the 900 Anniversary of Peterbough Cathedral we launched the project to a packed audience in the Knights Chamber. The room was decorated by our artists and the evening was presented by Judi Alston and Andy Campbell the lead artists from One to One Development Trust. Andrew Langley Chair of Nenescape officially opened the night and Alison Cross from Nenescape also spoke.

A series of short films from the project were screened with plenty of opportunity for people to have hands on experience of the digital art installation.

Peterborough Poet Laurette Clare Currie and Storyteller Rose Croft also performed during the night. Over the weekend the 900 Voices Nene was brought to Nene Park and Peterborough Museum. It was a fantastic weekend of celebration marking the end of this stage of the 900 Voices project.

Thank you to everyone whose made it possible!